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At Coldwell Banker Harbour our interest is in getting the deal done. If you are looking for commercial investment real estate, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find it as well as fund it. We know that this may include helping to identify financing.

The ideal source of financing will depend on the type of investment property being transferred and its sales price. We work with all types of lenders who provide capital for all sorts of investment property including shopping centers, warehouses, apartments, office buildings, hotels, multi-use projects, entertainment centers, etc. In addition we are well versed in the arcana of specialized incentive financing at the local, state and national levels, from tax credits and hiring incentive to historic rehab programs and Enterprise Zone development.

We work closely with local and regional banks ****(Links to a page on this site - pops up a new browser window - that lists a handful of local and regional banks. This list may include logos, links to the banks' web sites and/or email links to bank personnel.)**** , quasi-governmental agencies and individual private investors. We also work closely with the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), which in turns works with local banks around the country to assist them in providing financing for small businesses.

The SBA's "504 Program" is specifically designed for the purchase of real estate by small businesses. If you are considering purchasing an investment property for the establishment of a business, this program should be high on your list of potential funding sources.

We have on-staff professionals experienced with the requirements of lenders who can help assemble the data needed for and assist in structuring of your package. To let us know what you need, click here.

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